NA Services

Narcotics Anonymous provides services to the community as well as the individual members. We often provide presentations for staff members at treatment facilities, drug courts, probations offices, schools and more about NA, its history, how it works, and general information to help professionals help their clients who may need referrals to NA.

The Public Relations policy of NA is of attraction, not promotion. We do provide booths at recovery-related events such as health fairs and outreach efforts to affected populations. We provide "paper routes" to insure that flyers, pamphlets and meetings lists remain updated in high-traffic locations where our potential members might be such as sheriff's offices, laundromats, doctor's office and more. We provide hotline cards to hand out to police departments.

Narcotics Anonymous also provides Hospitals and Institutions meetings in places where addicts cannot get out to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Such meetings are provided by experience members who provide a panel or a speaker on Narcotics Anonymous and depending on the institution where the meeting is, may open the floor to comments and questions by the clients of the institution. If you think your facility is a good candidate for an H&I meeting or if you think you want to start an open H&I meeting, Public Relations in your area or region can provide you with the right contacts to see if this is feasible.

All Narcotics Anonymous work is done with only our own funds and our own volunteer resources. We do not accept outside contributions from non-members.

The Arizona Regional website provides meeting lists online, along with a PDF of Regional meeting lists that you can print yourself for your clients. In addition some of the areas local to you may provide websites for your geographical area. Please see our contacts page for more information about your local areas.

We do provide advertisements with our hotline numbers on them in local magazines and newspapers, as well as sometimes displaying our helpline and website information on billboards and bus signs.