What to do if your loved one is an addict....

I think my loved one is a drug addict. Can you call him or her for me?

Because Narcotics Anonymous is a self-help program, addicts must have the desire to stop using. Once your loved one is ready to stop using drugs, you could provide the hotline number of your local area to them so we can direct him to an NA meeting in that area. Hotline numbers are available with our meeting lists on our home site, www.arizona-na.org.

In the meantime, you may want to contact Nar-Anon or Families Anonymous or other support organizations for your own support needs. Although we are not affiliated with these organizations and we cannot recommend one over the other, we want you to know help is out there for YOU too.

My loved one admits to using and wants to stop taking drugs. Can I go with him/her to the first meeting?

You may attend an “open” NA meeting with your loved one. Open meetings welcome family members and the community at large. Closed meetings are for addicts only. Check our meeting lists to find open meetings (many are open) at www.arizona-na.org.

Will you call me if my son/daughter does not show up to meetings regularly?

No, we are not able to do this. Because this is a self-help program, it is not our position to monitor an addict’s willingness to attend meetings.

What support does NA have for adolescents?

Adolescents are welcome at all NA meetings. If there are meetings in a local NA community specifically designated for young people, the meeting schedule will identify those meetings as such. Although any NA member is welcome at any NA meeting, specially designated youth meetings can help younger addicts find their peers.

Please feel free to browse these pages, our home site at www.arizona-na.org, and the Narcotics Anonymous world site at na.org for more information.