If you think you might be an addict....

If you think you may be an Addict:

“Am I an addict?” is a question you have to answer for yourself. In the process of answering that question, you can read our free literature (see the list below), attend meetings, and see for yourself if NA is right for you.
If you are an addict, NA can help. Narcotics Anonymous has meetings all over the world, and here in Arizona, we have meetings all over the state. We focus on the disease of addiction rather than a particular drug. Our message is broad enough to attract addicts from any social class or nationality.” (It Works: How and Why, “Third Tradition”).

NA is based on the premise that one addict can help another addict because we can relate to each other based on the experience of addiction. That is why we often focus on our similarities rather than our differences. It’s not that differences are of value, but what helps us relate to each other and enables us to help each other is what is similar within our experiences and feelings.

NA provides free literature online that you can read, as well as books that are provided at a reasonable cost. Many or most of these resources can also be obtained in person at meetings. If you attend some NA meetings, you will find that meetings have similar formats and yet, each is a little different. This allows NA to provide enough consistency that our overall message is the same from meeting to meeting, yet enough differences so that each meeting can fill its own niche.

Meeting lists for Arizona can be found at www.arizona-na.org and you can find NA meetings worldwide at NA.org. In addition, each NA area provides hotline help so you can locate meetings and get basic questions answered.

Further resources available at NA.org:

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  • By Young Addicts, For Young Addicts
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